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Welcome To The Nightmare

by Stellar Corpses

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My Shadow 02:01
Deep inside resides a killer in all of us, a deadly beast with fire in its eyes. And deep inside resides a God in every one of us, we'll never know until we go into the shadow. Waiting so long now for you to come alive in the shadow, you'll never know until you look into its eyes. Exit this Hell, a world of illusions, through the realm of twilight and into the unknown. We're face to face with our fears and our confusion. Into the darkness we go, into the shadow. Waiting so long now for you to take the ride in the shadow. You'll never know it until you look into its eyes. Into the shadow, wait in the darkness, for us to come alive. In the shadow. Waiting so long now for you to take the ride in the shadow. But you'll never know until you reach the other side. So reach the other side!
Lying there so calm and peaceful, cold red lips turned to a smile. There's no one else around, mind if I just stare a while? Yes it's true I never knew you, at least not in your living years. Diggin’ your grave must count for something, along with these heart broken tears. I've never been in love like this before. You look so cold inside your coffin, do you know what I'm dreamin’ of? Let me wrap my arms around you, shut the lid and seal our love. I know that we'll be together. Our love will last forever. I’ve never been in love like this before. I'll be so true to you. When I look into your eyes, I want to die.
One More Day 02:23
I saw him standing in the shadows as we played at the old dance hall. The sinners stomped and the heathens screamed as he stood there by the wall. I approached him when the show was over and I thought that I would die. When he raised his hood and looked at me there was Hellfire in his eyes. He said “Hell my son is not hard to find and you're well on your way.” He pointed with a boney finger and said “You've got one more day.” One more day to drink and fight, one day to rock n roll! One more day to sin before the Devil gets my soul! Tomorrow I’ll be six feet deep underneath the ground, but I ain't goin easy, no they'll have to drag me down.
Embrace me my deadly o my dearly departed. Tonight's the night by candlelight. You've been calling out to so much danger. By sunrise your life will be stranger. You start to feel like you're from another planet. You start to feel like you're from another world. Everybody looks at you and says you're like a living nightmare… It's only teenage witchcraft. They're coming for you tonight. They're coming back for you tonight. People from the past, walking through your walls. They've come back from oblivion...
Out here on the edge of town, minds are lost and seldom found. Children dancing 'round open graves, they say we're too gone to be saved. But sometimes I hear the call. The writing is on the wall. Lunatics, they hear the call and find out there's nothing at all. By moonlight you hacked up your wife Insanity it shreds through your life. Children dancing 'round her early grave. You've become their psychopathic slave… The Valley of Madness… is everywhere.
Last night I saw you cryin’ in the graveyard. As the wind blow through your long black veil. As tears fell from your eyes, you had me hypnotized. Save me from this god damned living hell. Each night I watch the dead wake from their slumber and each night I must lay them back to rest. They'd say that I'm insane, who would believe me anyways? I load my gun and do what I do best. I'm the Cemetery Man. Last night I had to execute my baby. One bullet to the head and now she's gone. I thought that she had died, crossed over to the other side. If she comes back you know there's something wrong.
Hale Bopp 03:02
Come on baby don't hesitate. We're knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven's Gate. There's something better on the other side, but the only way is mass suicide. So, get your black Nike shoes and your bags all packed. Cover your cover your face with a plastic bag. You’ll do anything that I tell you to, so come on baby let’s do The Hale Bopp. Matching pants and matching shawls, we’ll cut your hair and your boyfriend's balls. Vodka and Phenobarbital, he won’t feel anything at all… Follow me and you will find, we're gonna leave this world behind. Thirty-nine people can't be wrong, let’s get in bed baby cuz it won't be long…
It's not a matter of going to grow. It's not a matter of time or how I feel. I'm throwing off the shadow of a better man, and what you see is what you never had. Get real. Get another. I don't exist when you don't see me. I don't exist when you're not here. What the eye don't see won't break the heart. You can make believe when we're apart. But when you leave I disappear. When you don't see. Oh, it's kind of different when your there. You can lease the peace of mind. You bought a mask, I put it on. You never thought to ask me if I wear it when you're gone. Get real. Get another. You never learned. You bought me everything and less. I turned. You couldn't let me move. I guess, I don't deny, but it don't disprove. What you see is what you lost. If I were you I wouldn't try. Get real. Get another…
I hear you waste a lot of time talkin’ about me. There's so much more you could be doing. Maybe someday you'll see that you can't take us under. So don't even try. You can't silence the thunder, so get on with you life. You'll never keep us down! You can't keep a good corpse down. No matter how you spin the story. The truth will always be the same. So let me ask you one question. Is it worth the price you pay?
Too much serotonin in your brain. What you're lookin’ for has got a name, it's “life” and you've thrown it all away. We need some major medical attention for this chemical reaction that's getting in our way. So what are you trying to say? You tell me that life's so precious. How would you know? You've never lived at all. You've got answers we've got questions, fine, but we'll figure it out in time. We’re gonna find a way, abandon your authority and make it on our own, we're gonna rip these chains off! We're gonna find a way, creating our own destiny, not coming home. We're not coming home! We are guided by our intuition, hindered by our inhibitions, limiting conditions of our lives. Learning from our own mistakes, we bend the rules until they break. You only know the story of our lives, so what are you trying to hide? You tell me that life's so precious. How would you know? You've never lived at all. You've got answers we've got problems, fine, but we'll figure it out in time…
She's a comatose, face full of broken bones. Before you know, you’ll be on your own. Still can’t remember that night, yet she keeps trying to tell you it'll be alright. You're gonna see her again. They were out for blood that night, a brutal storm of carnage and cruelty. Their morbid way of burning her at the stake. Soon they'll see, they all made a grave mistake. You’re gonna see here again. I hope she haunts you in your dreams every night of your life! I hope if only in a dream, I’ll see you again tonight. Then I'll know everything is gonna be alright. I hope if only in a dream, I’ll see you again tonight, and I'll do anything to make it right!
I used to picture myself with you and for a while we were doing just fine. Until that feeling inside of me came rumbling like a train through the back of my mind. You’re telling me I never loved you, but I know that's just a game you play. You know I was always thinking of you, but sometimes love is knowing when to walk away. I'm gone. So long, goodbye. It's a long lonesome road, so long. Goodbye. The first I layed eyes on you a part of me slowly died. The scars on your arms, the stars in your eyes creates the perfect picture of how I felt inside. I hope you know I'll always love you despite all the things that you say. I can't imagine living life without you. In death I know I'll be with you again someday. I’m gone… As soon as its gone, life won't feel so long, so why wait to die? And from way up here, it all seems so clear, now that I'm gone. Life won’t feel so long, so why wait to die to learn how to live, to love and forgive. Before it's all gone, look up to the sky, close your eyes. Baby Goodbye. Look up to the sky, close your eyes. Baby I'm gone.


released June 24, 2009

All song written by Stellar Corpses except “When You Don’t See Me” by The Sisters of Mercy. Ghost Vocals on Unfinished Business by Mikala Clements. Spellcasting on Teenage Witchcraft by Wensdai. Produced by Joe Clements. Recorded at The Compound in Santa Cruz, CA. Mastered by Last Drop Mastering in San Francisco, CA. Contact Stellar Corpses at: info@stellarcorpses.com or visit us online at: www.stellarcorpses.com or www.myspace.com/stellarcorpses


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Stellar Corpses Santa Cruz, California

Psychobilly Horror Punk conceived and dripping with the bloody history of Santa Cruz, California aka Santa Carla from The Lost Boys. The small beach town, with its cinematic and real-life horror stories, was hallowed ground to form a band dangerously obsessed with love, death and beyond. If the starlit streets and bloody beaches of Santa Cruz could talk, they’d sound like Stellar Corpses. ... more

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